Comonly Asked Question

  • It is an online invitation platform that offers event management software tools and ready-made online invitation templates to simplify your event invitation journey.
  • It comes with a customised website link (i.e., event management software tools and readily made templates for your usage. Check out our Features page for further details.
  • Should you prefer to opt for a customised online invitation design, WhatsApp us and we will discuss further on your requirement!
  • Once you have confirmed interest in creating an online invitation, complete the ‘Create Your Card’ form. 
  • We will attend to your query via WhatsApp within one business day to confirm the details and conduct further discussion if required.
  • For the customers that choose seeu’s ready-made template, it will take five business days to complete the finalised online invitation.
  • For the customers that choose to customise a template design, kindly WhatsApp us and we will be able to determine the required working days depending on the requirements.
  • The starter package that comes with 10 features, it costs RM170 nett.
  • For the advance package that requires customised online invitation template design, we will advise further upon learning your requirements.
  • We currently have wedding themed online invitation templates, serving customers who want to invite their friends and families to join their special day.
  • However, if you would still like to use our event management software tools for other types of events (i.e., corporate, baby shower, birthday party), hit us up and we are more than happy to create one for you.
  • If you want to explore the beauty of managing the distribution of event information to your guests while keeping track of their attendance status seamlessly, an online invitation is perfect for you.
  • At this juncture, seeu helps customers to build online invitations so they can just sit back, relax and continue to check off the rest of the event items!
  • That’s not a problem at all! We can offer either a customised online invitation design or just purely offering the event management tools only. WhatsApp us for further discussion.

Partnerships (Designer & Vendor)

  • We would like to collaborate with quality designers by inviting them to submit an online invitation design. The designer will get to earn a commission when the design was picked by the customer.
  • It is also important to note that the online invitation design’s copyright goes to the designer as seeu seeks to create a fair collaboration environment.
  • We understand that vendors, be it an event agency, a hotel or a wedding boutique might have customers who seek to create an online invitation to complete their wedding planning checklist.
  • We are here to fill in the gap to offer an online invitation service, and per vendor’s successful business transaction with SEEU will translate into a commission.

Should you have more questions or would like to discuss a different collaboration model, please email us at